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The Same Company, With a New Name

Welcome, to

Since 2011 we've been using the domain name and it was time for a change to something which represents what we have grown into... We're still the same people, the same quality branded product and the same great customer service!

The fact is, over the last 8 years the internet and marketing has changed a lot and for a long time we were stuck in our old ways. But no longer... We're making about you; our customers and the other communities you're a part of.

...From the old

...To the new

We want to connect with you through Social Media, sharing your great costumes and pictures with the world and helping the CosPlay enthusiasts, make-up artists, models and other communities really push what they love, to the next and highest level. We're going to be giving away tonnes of free contacts as prizes and thank you's to our valued customers.

There was a time when the sclera contacts we see people wear were all about the vampires and werewolves, but the designs have expanded exponentially and we're seeing them in film and TV all over the place... Tokyo Ghoul, Bleach, Gorillaz, Deadpool, Naruto, Detroit, Sabretooth, Hero Academia, Vemon... And way, way more...

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So welcome, one and all, to...

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