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The Mummy - Ahmanet

We recently came out with a new design, based on the character Ahmanet in Alex Kurtzman's 2017 film "The Mummy". So we were about 2 years late...

It starred Tom Cruise, who we can't say we're big fans of (excluding Top Gun, obviously) but regardless "The Mummy" has this really freaking cool part where Ahmanet's iris and pupil splits into 2 on each eye...

I mean this is REALLY cool and not something we'd ever thought of doing before, so kudos to whoever came up with the idea in the film...

We're made a green design, and a brown one too.

Check them out, grab a pair (they're going fast) and send us some pics on social media - if we use it on the site then you'll get a free pair!

All Hail Ahmanet!

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