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How to not get scammed buying scleras!

Sclera contacts are expensive to manufacture and purchase - there's no getting around it I'm afraid! But here are some tips to make sure that you don't get ripped off while purchasing....

Of course, we're biased that we would like you to purchase from us but whether you choose to or not, avoid these common pitfalls so that you're not disappointed.

1) When making a purchase, ensure the site has real quality photos of their contact lenses.... Many sites use pictures which are highly edited/drawn and do not accurately show the size of sclera contacts. For example the two images here are both currently being used to show the same mini scleras "Titan", which are 17mm in diameter.

The ones on the left are NOT real "Titan" mini scleras or even 17mm in diameter; they have been drawn on using editing software to make them look way bigger, more like 21mm!

We won't share the name of the website using the picture on the left, but keep a close eye out.

2) Try and check to make sure reviews aren't made by the site itself - you want impartial reviews - not adverts!

3) Check the life expectancy of the sclera contacts. Different materials vary between 1 day and 12 months of use and the short life span ones tend to dry out the eyes faster and tear more easily. If they don't have a life expectancy listed, assume they're daily use and don't buy them!

4) It sucks to have to say, but be careful purchasing from countries in Asia... They may be cheap, buy they may also be of poor quality. Stick to Europe and America.


5) Only use saline contact lens cleaning solution that you've bought at a local pharmacy or supermarket - this ensures that it is sterile. Some contact lens companies actually mix and sell their own knock off saline!

Good luck out there people. Stay safe.

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